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Onlineeye Pro - Bandwidth/Speed Monitor

Onlineeye optimizes PC Internet performance. The real-time Graphic Analyzer separately measures
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22 August 2008

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Do you want to know about the performance of your internet connection and how well is it working? You can know about the bandwidth and speed of your connection, and do even more with the help of the Onlineeye Pro - Bandwidth/Speed Monitor 2.1.0. It’s a simple to use TCP/IP protocol monitor and works irrespective of whether you’re using the modem, DSL, cable modem, or local network. It will make you aware of how your data is getting transferred and at what speed it goes from one PC to another. It is supported by a printable graph that shows the history of time and speed. Further you can also know about the internet activity that took place while you left your PC.

Onlineeye Pro - Bandwidth/Speed Monitor 2.1.0 has a neat interface that has all the features set well on it. You can know about the various aspects individually without any chaos with the provided options. It has the features set on the left panel and the related content is shown on the right. It shows the features of Graph that shows the shows the bytes received and sent information. You can have the view of the graph showing the statistics, etc. The Transfervolume feature shows the details of the upload, download, shows real-time data and has other features also. You can set various features and messages to be shown with the Onlinetime when you reach the limit. You can change the Options to make the program work according to you. You change the client/server configurations and even have the server information. You can have the security setting changed and also set the Network and Internet connection and other features. View the history with the Historical Data Viewer that show the details date wise. You can know about various aspects of your connections with the required details.

Onlineeye Pro - Bandwidth/Speed Monitor 2.1.0 shows all the all the activities and information that can help you to improve your working experience with your connection. The software has been given 4.5 points for the detailed graphical information and the settings that it provides to have better understanding and control.

Publisher's description

Have you ever wondered just how fast your network connection is?
Not just how fast the modem is connected at, but how much data you can
actually get? Does your internet connection sometimes seem slower than
normal? Forget hacking the registry or using counter-intuitive tools to get
the information you want - enter the world of Onlineeye!
Onlineeye is a small, easy to use TCP/IP protocol monitor which can be used
to see your exact throughput on both incoming and outgoing data - whether
you're using a modem, cable modem, DSL, or even local network!
Onlineeye doesn't just stop there, it lets you see how quickly your data goes from
your computer to another computer on the internet; it even will tell you how many
other computers your data must go through to get there! But wait - there's more!
A zoomable and printable graph shows time and speed history, allowing you to see
what Internet activity took place when you were away from the computer.
The active taskbar icon graphs the current speed. A networkmonitor showsevery internetactivity of your DSL
connection and let you unmask all spys !
Onlineeye Pro - Bandwidth/Speed Monitor
Onlineeye Pro - Bandwidth/Speed Monitor
Version 2.2.1
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